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Update on the Centennial State 🏔

My images displayed at Colorado Creative Co-Op (pictured left) and Commonwheel Artists Co-Op (pictured right).

Phew, the last few months have been a whirlwind you guys!! At the beginning of January I officially became a part time member of my first gallery, Colorado Creative Co-Op. This was monumental for me! It was a huge confidence boost and really gave me validation that I can do this!

In February I was accepted to my first art show, Water in the High Desert at Commonwheel Artists Co-Op. The talent in this art show blew me away. I was completely honored to be shown with so many other amazing artists.

In the meantime I have been searching for more art shows and galleries to apply for. If anyone knows of anything in the Colorado Springs area, let me know!!

I am anxiously awaiting summer to arrive so I can fully continue to explore this absolutely stunning state ☀️ I already have my campsite booked for Rocky Mountain National Park, am hoping to plan a trip to Arches National Park (in Utah, but only six hours from Colorado Springs), and have many more locations in mind to explore!



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